Monday, March 21, 2016

Meditation in Verses. In celebration of the UN World Poetry Day, March 21

Beauty builds upon beauty,
Ad infinitum to eternity. ~

 Dr Abe V Rotor
Photos by Marlo R Rotor 
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Quirino Bridge, Banaoang Pass, Santa, Ilocos Sur
call it beauty,
the color of war,
and death itself;
it is enough,
the passing of day.
the coming of night.

Paper Stars

Manressa Retreat House, QC

Strewn with a pattern most queer,
Stars tells us of the destiny of men;
Wouldn’t a genius from slumber stir,
Or a faithful pray beyond Amen? ~

Living Impressions

Rainbow, Morong, Bataan

Beauty seen once breaks a heart,
Wait for the image to depart.

Being right and reasonable;
Black or white, and measurable.

She's coy who speaks soft and light;
Smoke first before fire ignites.

Every promise you can't keep
Drags you into a deeper pit.

To endure pain of hatred,
A leader’s wisdom is dared.

Make believe prosperity;
Sound of vessel when empty.

Take from the ant or stork,
Patience is silence at work.

Good wine grows mellow with age;
Good man grows into a sage.

He finds reason for living
Who sees a new beginning.

Beauty builds upon beauty,
Ad infinitum to eternity. ~

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