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Summer is Season of Mad Dogs

Dr Abe V Rotor
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How do you recognize a rabid dog?

Let’s learn from the experts and take precautions.

•  A mad dog vehemently rejects water; it goes wild if forced to drink. That is how the word hydrophobia is associated with mad dog.

•  It is restless, it pants heavily and salivates, froth coming from its mouth.

Be sure your pet dog has received anti-rabies vaccine 

•  Its tail is tucked under its belly. Its coat is untidy, matted, and signs of struggle are obvious.

• The dog blindly bites on anything on hand.

• There is the werewolf look in its eyes.

Dogs that go mad mostly occur in summer, or when the temperature is very high. Be keen when walking in the neighborhood, more so in unfamiliar places. Keep safe distance from dogs you don’t know, even if they seem friendly. And never touch a dog you are not familiar with. Walk don't run. Dogs may be tempted to run after you. Keep company with other people while walking. Some people carry a stick to protect themselves from possible attack.

If you are bitten by a dog, don't rule out the possibility of rabies; get the anti-rabies shots immediately, especially if the wound is near the brain. Follow strictly your doctor's advice.

Meantime, closely observe the dog's behavior. Don't allow the dog to be killed, at least within the period of your treatment. Be keen of delayed signs; incubation time for the rabies virus differs widely, ranging from a few days to several years. That's why some doctors recommend periodic anti-rabies shots.

If you have a pet dog, have it vaccinated early with anti-rabies, and periodically thereafter.

By the way, it is in saving a boy bitten by a mad dog, that the great French microbiologist, Louis Pasteur rose to fame. He founded a new field of medicine - immunization - which is his crowning glory.

Summer is the season of rabid dogs. Beware. Be vigilant. ~.

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