Sunday, January 24, 2016

A Portfolio of Superstitious Beliefs 4:The elevator does not open on the 13th floor.

Dr Abe V Rotor

 1.   If you accidentally break a glass or china, get a similar one and break it, otherwise bad luck will haunt you.... worse if it happen on Friday 13. 

2.   Breaking a mirror means “seven years itch.”

3.   If you dream you lost a tooth, it means is bad luck.  To break the omen, silently go to a tree and tell your dream so that it will be the tree that will suffer.

4.  Needle bought in the afternoon is likely to rust.

5.  A birthday celebrant must take extra precaution against accident, so with a new graduate. 

6.  The bride should not look behind while marching the aisle, otherwise the wedding will not be disrupted.

7.  The number of steps of a stair is based on the alternate oro (gold)-plata (silver) formula.  Aim for oro in the last or highest step.

8.  Wearing bright clothes, especially red, on your birthday makes the day happy.

9.  After the wedding the man must exit first from the church so that he will not become a henpeck husband. 

10.  Don’t give your loved one a necklace, otherwise your relationship will not last.

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