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A Portfolio of Superstitious Beliefs 2: Bed must not face the door, otherwise the sleeping person will become a victim of bangongot (mysterious death in sleep).

 Dr Abe V Rotor 

 1. Bed must not face the door, otherwise the sleeping person will become a victim of bangongot (mysterious death in sleep). Note: Sudden unexpected death syndrome (SUDS), sudden unexpected nocturnal death syndrome (SUNDS), sudden adult death syndrome (SADS), or bed death is sudden unexpected death of adolescents and adults, many during sleep. Not to be confused with Sudden cardiac death. Bangungot is depicted in the Philippines as a mythological creature called batibat or bangungot. This hag-like creature sits on the victim's face or chest so as to immobilize and suffocate him. When this occurs, the victim usually experiences paralysis. It's said that one should bite their tongue and wiggle their toes to try to get out of this paralysis or they may die from suffocation.

2. Place some coins in the foundation of buildings and other structures during ground breaking ceremony to make them strong and withstand time.

3. Children are sacrificed in making bridges and other infrastructure.

4. Bury placenta with rosary and pencil so that the child will be both intelligent and God-fearing.

5. Palms with crisscross lines (rapas Ilk) means the person is cruel.

6. Palms with netted lines means the person has an unorganized life (magulong buhay).

7. Shake (pagpagin) the items such as clothes after a customer had left without buying any, to break bad luck.

8. Place money in a bed pan (arinola), so that it becomes plentiful.

9. Babies that fall from their cradle do not suffer injury, thanks to their guardian angels.

10. When you give a wallet as gift be sure you put a coin or a money bill in it so that the wallet won’t run out of money.

11. When transferring to a new house carry with you 24 oranges, salt, water, and rice.

12. Jade stones around the wrist of a baby indicate his condition. If they turn light in color the baby is not well.

13. When transferring a dead person into the house, be sure it is head first; when taking him out, it is feet first.

14. When blessing a new vehicle, sprinkler fresh blood of chicken in tires and engine to bad omen of accident.

15. Don’t bump the coffin while carrying it; it is bad luck.

16. Pour water at the doorway once the coffin has been taken out.

17. Wash face and hands after the dead has been laid to rest.

18. When coming from a wake have a stopover somewhere and do not directly go home, otherwise the spirit of the dead will follow you.

19. The wishbone of a chicken makes a wholesome game for two. Wish comes true to the one who gets the common stem of the Y-shape bone.

20. One can determine the sex of the baby by the poise and shape of the pregnant woman. If rotund, it’s going to be a girl; if pointed, it’s going to be a boy.

21. During labor, if the pain is bearable and continuous, it’s going to be a girl; if labor pain is intermittent and intense, it’s going to be a boy.

22. When leaving the dining table ahead, those who are still eating must rotate their plates, otherwise they will remain bachelors or spinsters. (The belief is silent on the fate of the married ones.)

23. Couple to be married the following day must not see each other the night before.

24. When Friday comes don’t talk about the supernatural, such as kapre, dwende, and the like.

25. Never buy a cat; it will not be a good mouse catcher.

26. If a cat sneezes it’s going to rain. But if it sneezes three times, everyone in the family will catch cold.

27. A cat that has its back towards the fire means a typhoon in coming.

28. Unfortunate events usually happen on full moon.

115. Whenever you go to a church for the first time make three wishes.

29. If you buy a stuffed or figurine elephant, choose one with its trunk turned upward. It means good luck.

30. Don’t open the umbrella inside the house; vermin will come out.

31. When planting beans, place a comb on your hair to induce the production of abundant long fruits.

31. Orange clouds are bad omen; they are signs of either drought or poor harvest.

32. If you accidentally bite your tongue it means someone is speaking about you.

33. Knock only twice – not thrice, else you court the attention of the devil.

34. Sleep with your head toward the east or north to prevent nightmares.

35. To keep luck for yourself and the family hang a horseshoe with its tips up. If you want your luck to be shared with those who enter your house, hang it the opposite way.

36. If your nose itches, someone is thinking about you.

37. Never take home flowers from the cemetery, otherwise someone is going to die.

38. Eating sour fruits during menstruation will cause menstruation to stop.

9. Girls on their very first day of menstruation are asked to jump down from the third step of the stairs in order to limit their monthly period to three days only.

40. The stained underwear of a girl on her very first day of menstruation is asked to wipe her face with it so that she will have a beautiful, fair and acne-free face. ~

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