Friday, May 1, 2015

Images of Red, Hot Summer to Remember by

Dr Abe V Rotor

Sweltering hot on a summer day,
     I dared to go out and play.
Would I cower from  the sun and breeze
     in an aircon room in ease?

Through the years I asked this myself
     like an old book in a shelf;
A grownup now of many a summer gone
     still afraid of the sun?

Tame me, I asked the camera's eye,
    to places we go before I die;
Long live did I, and perhaps forever,
    these photos to remember~   

Fire tree in acrylic, on-the-spot painting by AVR, Jamboree Site, UPLB Laguna

Umbrella Tree or Talisay loses leaves for new ones to grow in place

Bangar or kalumpang tree in bloom

Leaning fire tree, Fairview QC

Lobster's claw plant
Cadena de Amor, UPLB Laguna
Medinilla, UPLB Laguna
Flower craft, Sampaloc, Manila
Flower arrangement, QC
Fireworks, UST Manila
Pongapong flower, SPQC
Red dragon fruit
Red gummamela
Bride in red
Achuete flower, Silang, Cavite
Nymphaea, a water lily

Still life by Anna;
Eyes, abstract AVR
Fire, acrylic, AVR
Red coral in acrylic, AVR
Ornamental pineapple
Balloon, Ferenbrook, Parañaque MM
Red orchid by Anna; Bouquet by AVR

Basketful of strawberry
Doña Trining (Musaenda)
Nangka Queen
Passion of Christ, stain glass
Upo with achuete dish, at home
Marlo with Dragon
Firetree in bloom

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