Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Celebrating the Month of May through Paintings

Dr Abe V Rotor
Light through the Forest, 2015
                                 May, the parting of seasons:
                                      summer bids goodbye,
                                 welcomes the rainy amihan;
                                     wakes the trees in sigh.

A Wholesome Bouquet  2015

May, the month of flowers and blossoms,
bright and shy and stern,
offers to the Creator but His own gifts,
man's thanksgiving in return. 

Red Fish and Brood 2015

Wonder what the month of May is in the deep;
it's a mother fish with a brood in her keep.

Rainbow Trees 2015

Wonder what the rainbow is in May
when the sky is clear and blue;
how these trees mimic the rainbow,
like the heart longing and true.

A Camouflage of Moth 2015

Hidden safe by disquise and design
from jaws and sting and beak
by nature's law of deceit to save
the defenseless and weak. ~

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