Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Lazy Air of Summer

Dr Abe V Rotor

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Make your own wind,
rev the tricycle,
enjoy riding in band
to summer's end.
Joy riding, aimless,
Just don't be careless;
Oh, just a tour.

The sea in siesta
can wait but briefly,
the sun sinking
with the breeze.

Thor in a fit of rage
soon sends the rod
Make haste! Make haste!

Why is this tree house empty?
Where have all the arboreals gone?
Gone to spring in the north,
Or to slumber one by one.

Countryside a refuge from city stress
refreshing old acquaintances.

Mother and son whiling time,
letting the world go by
in the palm of the hand,
and wink of the eye.

Easy does it - just don't doze and fall off

Jargon, imagery,
and analogy
completes the story,
in a light way.

When empty, it's more empty,
when too big for its task
in the idleness of time
and distance.
Visita Iglesia takes the old to church to pray,
and the young ones to stroll and play

Unheeded danger is the best measure of sleep.

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