Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Workshop Exercise - Complete Venus de Milo

Dr Abe V Rotor
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Paaralang Bayan sa Himpapawid (People's School-on-Air) with Ms Melly C Tenorio
738 DZRB AM Band, 8 to 9 evening class, Monday to Friday [www.pbs.gov.ph]

How do you make Venus de Milo look more beautiful?

This is also a group exercise. An outline of this goddess of beauty is given to each group. The instruction is: Supply the missing arms. Each group confers and works collectively in 10 to 15 minutes.

Workshop format
  • Group reporting
  • Open Forum (Teacher serves as facilitator-moderator)
  • Summary
  • Advocacy
This exercise aims at creating awareness of ones limitation and humility. It reinforces leadership skills through reflection rather than immediate action. Communication and motivation are also enhanced. It reminds us that “beauty lies in secret.” The suggestive nature of a thing makes it more exciting. The armless Venus de Milo is like poetry. Supplying the arms is is like writing an essay.

Which looks more beautiful? Venus with arms - the one you made? Or the original armless Venus?
Don't read this until you have finished the drawing and discussed thoroughly.   Efforts to restore the arms of of the armless goddess prove futile even with the world's renown sculptors brought together in an international forum. At the end they decided to leave Venus de Milo as is. ~

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