Saturday, April 18, 2015

Parrot and Gecko - a Short-lived Relationship

Dr Abe V Rotor
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My nephew brought a gecko thinking it was a rare monitor lizard. It's a gecko, I said, and let it climb our tall coconut tree. There it sounded its regular call, twice or more every night. Then I heard a second gecko. Where did it come from? Perhaps from the nearby watershed of the La Mesa water reservoir. But it was not. It was our parrot mimicking the gecko's call. It was short relationship. The Gecko left soon after.

Short lived friends the parrot and the gecko were,
never at sight of each other, but through their call,
kept company: one atop a tall coconut tree
the other in a cage hanging by a concrete wall.

They filled the night air with crispy eerie notes,
the parrot, mimic master copied the other;
true to the reptile world and its own species
and ancestors, the gecko left its false brother.

Pavlov's learning
doesn't apply to falsehood,
and Linneaus' concept is here to relive
that diversity keeps each species apart
yet united in a world of make believe. ~

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