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Rolling Billboards - Cause of Accidents

Ban those Rolling billboards!
Dr Abe V Rotor

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Try driving without the rear view, however experienced you are as a driver. You are deprived of your hindsight. Those small mirrors have a different purpose. You can't judge distance with vehicles behind you. Anything you see as you drive simply vanishes quickly, and you are not aware of what happens after.

Did the drivers of these ad buses undergo special driving lessons? Imagine a bus completely wrapped up with advertisement - front, top, sides and rear! By the way, has the public been consulted and warned of the dangers of these rolling billboards?

Here are photos of rolling billboards plying Edsa and Commonwealth Avenue, QC.
Acknowledgement to all who sent the following photos,  Thank you for your concern on behalf of DOTC-LTO, MMDA, LGUs and other cocerned agencies.

Spreading horror and fear on the road. Warn the kids!
Three-dimensional visual effect at night of a rolling billboard. The product being advertised is incompatible with safe driving. Notice at the right a motorcycle with two riders without helmet.
Mouth watering advertisement arouses gustatory sense and disturbs driving concentration. The tasty crustacean has grown into monster size. And it may seem alive through illusion caused by mirage at high temperature and smoky condition, distracting drivers, motorcyclers, bikers, and pedestrians.

Red advertisement mimics or camouflages red signals on the road, as well as brake and tail lights of the bus and other vehicles. To get to reading view of the message, the tendency is for the driver behind to get dangerously near - and may crush on at sudden brake.
Who are the Good Guys? Never mind that. Just concentrate on your driving, and not think of the bad guys either. The space occupied by the letters SMDC blocks completely the rear glass window. "Ang cheap naman!" for a big company's advertisement

Sex and driving don't go together, like alcohol and driving. Note where the brake light is located. Coincidental? Whose hotline by the way? What has a sexy girl to do with motor oil? These indeed disturb driving concentration.
 Danger! Topsy turby vision disturbs concentration. Philippine symbol usurped. 
Two-way blind vision for the bus driver and passenger on one hand, and drivers and pedestrians behind the bus - all for "a piece of bread."      
Danger!  Concentric effect on vision may lead to miscalcution.

Blatant disregard to law and discipline - and dignity.

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