Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Maintenance of Clothes Cabinet - 12 Ways

Dr Abe V Rotor
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1. When was the last time you made a general cleaning of your cothes cabinet?

2. Dispose clothes you no longer need.  Keep them in a separate place from those you regularly wear.  Better still, donate them to calamity victims.

3. Never keep damp clothes, otherwise you predispose them to molds and pest like silverfish. 

4. Hang used clothes to dry before throwing them into the clothes baasket.

5. Never mix used (dirty) and clean clothes.

6. Don't overstack.  Close buttons. Fold clothes properly.

7. Hanger can damage and deform clothes. 

8. Clothes that need repair must be separated.  Avoid using them unless they have been fixed. 

9. Clean cabinet with mild detergent, desinfect, vacuum if  necessary. 

10. Check possible entry of insects, rodents and other vermin.  Lock for security reason.     

11. Don't use naphthalene, it is highly poisonous and it imparts an offensive chemical odor.

12. Rotate in wearing your clothes; plan and arrange them according to your need. Practice joint housekeeping when sharing the use of the cabinet. ~

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