Thursday, April 9, 2015

Sunset at Banaoang Pass

Verse and Photographs by Abe V Rotor

Quirino Bridge in silhouette across Banaoang Pass,
Santa, Ilocos Sur.
Rejoicing to the glorious glow of sunset on the rocky cliff.

Talking to the setting sun. Wish come true at sunset.

Water and shore make a truce. Ripples lull creatures to sleep.

The mighty Abra River stops to flow. Silence reigns.

Except one soul bidding for home.
And the promontory stands sentry in the night.

Sunset at Banaoang Pass

How can I pass across without stopping
To see the sun glow its last ray?
How can I find rest under the reddening
Sky and not pause a moment to pray?

But I must pass before the mountains close
In darkness, before the bridge
Glows with passing lights that never knows
Beauty that a sunset breeds.

I wouldn't know sunrise as much as sunset
To a restless, traveling life,
To find home wherever the sun may set
And face the world in strife.~

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