Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Fire Trees’ Finest Hour

Dr Abe V Rotor
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Fire Trees in acrylic (34” x 55”), A V Rotor May 27, 2013

The earth is driest before the monsoon,
     yet the fire trees’ finest hour;
when everything around is prosaic and dull,
     the old trees unleash their power,

building fire in their crown to singe the sky,
     painting the sun in deep crimson,
riding on wind in glorious confetti,
     falls to the ground like setting sun.

Pity the soul that is not keen of the fire,
     stepping on petals strewn,
the bold holding the red sign of battle,
     the consoled by a lonely tune.

When there’s too little, others can’t survive,
     the fire trees live on their store;
their seasoned roots seeking the Pierian spring,
     to share it with every creature

living on the hills by the waterfall,
     and courting  the clouds into rain,
dousing their fire that ends their finest hour,
     but neither in vain nor in pain. ~

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