Saturday, February 21, 2015

Sweet Music of Time

In memory of the late Carlito J Rabang, a pioneer in Corporate Farming, and a good friend. 
Dr Abe V Rotor

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          Farm Life Mural and Verse by Dr Abe V Rotor.  Courtesy of the family 
          of the late Carlito J Rabang.

Rain and river meet on the plain of Umingan,
 A simple life for the old and young;
The school, the woods and field are all but one,
 Shielded from the other world beyond.

Ah, childhood is when nobody misses
The thousand thrills as the sun rises,
Watching the herons and the finches,
With slingshot for simple prizes.

Stillness reigns around a kingfisher,
A coming rain tells the dragonfly;
A bird’s nest waits, a secret of its finder,
These early lessons - joy to live by.

 Conflict is solved by kites and fishing poles,
 In hide-and-seek and barefoot races;
Faith lies in the sky and march of seasons,
 Virtues all that friendship embraces.

Come thunder and lightning that cut the day,
Sending the fowls early to their tree;
The children catch the raindrops, and soon
Across the field, dash for home in glee.

Summer is short and rainy days are long,
But it’s only passing imagery,
For the young cannot wait, and all along
The years are gone, save sweet memory.

 When and where in crisis and in retreat,
 In another place, at another time,
Rises one where once the rain and river meet,
To bring the sun shine over the clime.

Freud and Jung long foretold, we know,
What the seed was and how it grew,
Makes a man the child of years ago
From the countryside – oh, it’s true. ~

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