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Let’s Draw a House

Let’s Draw a House
Dr Abe V Rotor
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On a piece of paper (preferably one half bond paper, draw a house. Imagine it to be your own – your dream house you wish to live in, and to raise a family.

Concentrate as you draw. Observe silence. Do not compare your work with your seatmates. You have five minutes to do it.

Traditional nipa hut, symbol of simple living in a rural setting, which has evolved into modern designs losing its original essence.  Try this as subject in painting.  Painting by the author. 

Now let us see how good your house is. Put a check for every item that appears in your drawing.

1. Your house has complete parts: posts, roof, floor, walls, windows, stairs, door, etc.

2. Your house is strong, solid and durable, proportional in parts and design to withstand the elements of nature and time.

3. Your house is surrounded by trees, flowering plants and vegetables. Its front and backyard make a beautiful garden.

4. There are people – preferably a family – to give semblance of a home – a happy home.

5. There are other creatures around, like birds, butterflies dogs and other pets.

6. There are Facilities and appliances like TV, car, decors, curtain, playground,
decorative fence, grills and gate, garden pond, etc.

7. Your drawing has a good artistic quality of the drawing, including architecture of the
house and its surroundings.

8. Your house is a part of the landscape, that is in relation of the sky, fields and meadow, mountain, river and lake.

9. The drawing paper is fully utilized with no space wasted, of course in relation to the theme.

10. There are neighbors around.

Score: Each check is equivalent to 10 points or percent. How did you fare?
 Tree House, Rosario LU; Brick House painting by the author 

 Native huts in Africa are built in compounds, showing close kinship and tribal culture.    
 Modern community, Shanghai; vacation houses, New England. 

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