Tuesday, February 24, 2015

"Bring home the rainbow, Papa."

Dr Abe V Rotor and Ariel S Tabag Bannawag)
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Kulit plays with the rainbow at home.

A piece of rainbow spills on the floor like magic carpet.

Prism splits light into seven colors - the rainbow's secret.

I am no Atlas or Hercules,
neither one another's wit,
nor Thor who sends the rain
or a storm in his fit. 
To bring home the rainbow
for my children's sake,by lens or words to escape,
would be sin if I fake.

Once I brought home a firefly.
Here is a a star, I said;
and through the night it watched
over them in their bed. 
Once I brought home the sun
in a bouquet of sunflower;
And the moon in yellow melon,
the sea, in a queer puffer.

Bring home the rainbow, Pa
That was a long time ago,
a promise I have not fulfilled -
what now at sunset's glow?

Suddenly the sun came through
a prism by its magic drew 
a cathedral in the sky I knew.
Papa, you brought home the rainbow!

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