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Some Practical Health Tips

Dr Abe V Rotor
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1. Nag-exercise tayo palagi. Have a regular exercise. There is no substitute to exercise in order to attain and maintain good health and stamina. Studies show that sixty percent (60%) of us do not get regular exercise, for such reasons (alibi) that we don’t have time,
  • too old,
  • not in good health, and
  • too lazy
There is a variety of exercises that suits everyone, and there is no exemption. Shake those lazy bones, goes the saying.

2.Here are tips to prevent or minimize pollen allergy (allergy rhinitis). There are people who are highly sensitive to pollen grains Pollen Allergy is often the cause of sneezing fit and asthmatic symptoms. Their allergy is specific to certain plants, and at certain seasons these plants are in bloom. Plants belonging to Family Poaceae or Graminae which include rice, corn, wheat, sugarcane, talahib, cogon, and the like generally bloom in the last quarter beginning October when dry season the habagat season is about to end and dry season starts.
  • Keep away from flowers and flowering plants
  • Stay home to prevent exposure to pollen
  • Avoid touching eyes and skin to prevent spread of allergy.
  • Don’t bring in flowers and plants inside the house.
  • Use mask and proper clothing.
3. Mother’s milk is the most nutritious milk in the world. It surpasses all the highly advertised milk products in terms of nutrition, digestibility and compatibility; above all it contains colostrums, the natural antibiotics that protects the newly born from a host of diseases. 
Breast feeding enhances bonding between mother and child. It gives a feeling of security on the part of the child, and for the mother, the maternal instinct is expressed with warmth and love as the child learns more and more about his new world. Children who were regularly breastfed turn out to be more intelligent, diligent, respectful, and peaceful, than those who were raised with commercial milk formulas. There is a theory that cow’s milk, or milk from other animals, has adverse affect on the behavior of the child. Scientists believe that milk is designed for a particular species, and that it may influence the character of other animals, including humans that may depend on it.

  • Don’t talk to the baby while feeding. Baka masamid siya. It is bad to the baby when milk gets into his larynx and lungs. Talk to him after he is through and has burped.
  • Stop that sneeze quick! Press the base of your nose hard and hold it there until the urge to sneeze subsides. You may do it subtlety even in the middle of a speech or conference, but don’t wait for the last minute; sneeze can’t wait.
  • When you hurt your hand, raise it above your heart to minimize bleeding. By law of gravity, this will minimize bleeding. Allow some minutes for the blood to clot and seal the wound before lowering your wounded hand. If the wound is serious get immediate medical attention. ~

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