Tuesday, September 16, 2014

UST-AB Photography: Photo editing with light and color tone. And reminder of your Photo Essay UST Arch of the Centuries.

Photo Editing exercise: Practice using Adobe Photoshop. Use one of your best shots of UST Arch of the Centuries. Convert it into sunrise, sunset setting, and black and white, all on one bond. Don't forget caption. This is in addition to the Photo Essay test-assignment. For submission on Thursday, September 18, 2014 
 Note: There are photo essays in this Blog which serve as model for your work, one of them is Lichens and Mosses ... (preceding article). Others: Bacarra Bell Tower. Quaintness of Living in Virac Catanduanes,  
Dr Abe V Rotor*
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Effect of Black & White
Splash of light in two tones.
Effect of bluish and golden tones 

Lighting's magic creates various moods, 
enigma and secret combined,  
weaves a veil beauty is hidden yet seen
through the keyhole of the mind. 

* Author is a professor in digital photography and photojournalism.  
Model is a coed in Communication Arts, UST Faculty of Arts and Letters

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