Friday, September 19, 2014

Birds on a Tree at UST

Dr Abe V Rotor
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Silhouette image before its time -

by the tower cross of UST,
a flock of black birds sit
on the inflorescence of a tree,*

namesake of the eight-arm
monster of the craggy sea -
what a coincidence, I say! 
and there's me 

with camera on campus free;
the feathered ones stalk
their prey, the bee
pollinating the flowering tree. 

I wonder, if by design one dies
that others live, is the key:
tree lives because of the bee,
bee on the nectar of the tree.

and the birds, black birds,
that free, to prey on the bee,
unafraid of the monster
that rose from the sea -

image in silhouette, the world
in peace unquestioningly see,
lessons to set man free
by the tower cross of UST.
~ ~ ~
Octopus tree, named after its unique inflorescence resembling the enigmatic sea creature, with the same color, radial symmetry, and the presence of sucker-like flowers arranged on eight tentacle-like flower stalks.

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