Wednesday, September 10, 2014

UST-AB Photography Assignment: the Element of Human Interest

Dr Abe V Rotor
Professor in photography

1. Choose two photos from the avrotor blog which you think are of greatest human interest. Print on one page bond the two photos, and print under each your reason to justify your choice.  

2. James Foley, and now Sarmad Qeseera.  What are photojournalists made of? Write a essay in your handwriting.  Relate it with your course and future career. 

 3What does this book teach us photojournalists? (photo).  Explain the title - The Decisive Moment

4. Photo session on campus. Practical test this Thursday. 

5. Advance assignment: How far have you gone downloading from articles on photography with one-page reaction after each? (Don't alter the articles - content and format.)  Compiled articles will serve as our class Manual in Photography.  Limit articles to those with UST-AB only. Manual will be part of your finals and will be returned to you. ~

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