Sunday, September 7, 2014

UST-AB Photography: Capture those fleeting moments of joy

Assignment: "What makes a photograph Good/Very Good, and not just Fair/Average or ordinary?" Analyze these photos. Critique each as to their significance, artistic quality, and special characteristics.  

Dr Abe V Rotor

Joy, like genius, comes in sparks,
 as fresh as a passing wind,
or bubbles from the murk in spurts,
released from life's dark bin.
Moment with friends, Bannawag Magazine staff.
Moment on a spiritual occasion
Moment with a child in a garden
Moment with music and a rare audience
Moment with bunny 
 Moment on stage
  Moment to celebrate birthday
Moment with a trained pet
Moment with a camia flower
Moment with a Traveler's palm 
Moment with children playing with the saints and angels 
 A bath tub is never too small
Moment with relatives on vacation
 Moment posing before a twin waterfalls 
Moment with teachers in biology
 Moment with adults playing sungka. 
Moment with kids in a summer workshop.   
Moment with Madame Butterfly 
Moment on a mountain trail on Mt Makiling, Laguna   
Moment with the biggest fruit in the world.

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