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UST-AB DevCom Assignment: Allergy - world's most common epidemic. Allergy-proofing the Home and Workplace

Dr Abe V Rotor 
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What particular allergies are you sensitive? How do you get rid of them?  A personal experience, on bond, handwritten.  

A. Allergy-Proof Your Home.

These are fairly quick, simple, and inexpensive methods of making your home friendlier to your asthma and allergies.
  1. Build house on spacious lot and surroundings
  2. Free house of carpet and wall paper
  3. Knock on wood
  4. Prefer shiny floors, materials of low-gas ingredients
  5. Provide good natural ventilation
  6. Let sunshine in, façade towards the east
  7. Integrate house plan with  garden
  8. Screen out plants that are allergen potential 
  9. Design your home in unity and harmony  with natural environment, not vice versa
B. Allergy-Free Yard

  1. Fix your yard to bring down allergies.
  2. Go for plants native to the place (save allergy misery and labor)
  3. Maintain a pest-free lawn, naturally (biological control)
  4. Plant ground plants (and minimize mowing of grass lawn – source of allergen)
  5. Be vigilant (weed out allergen-causing plants like lipang kalabaw, sabawil
  6. Minimize the mold (remove anything that traps moistur
C. Allergy-proofing the bedroom     
  1. Keep pets out. 
  2. Encase sleeping place with clean sheets
  3. Run your air through filter
  4. Banish the blinds
  5. Steer clear of soft seats
  6. Filter the vents
  7. Wash away the pollen
  8. Debunk the mites
  9. Give Teddy a bath
  10. Keep food away 
D. Allergy-proofing the Kitchen
and Dining Room
  1. Roach-proof your food.
  2. Put a lid on your trash.
  3. Get crumbs where they hide.
  4. Don’t let dishes get crusty.
  5. Scrub those floors and cupboards.
  6. Battle roaches with smarts.
  7. Call the pros.
  8. Be a fan of your fan.
  9. Avoid the cold mold.
  10. Choose your cleaners wisely.
E. Allergy-Proofing the Bathroom,
Laundry Room, and Closets

  1. Turn on the fan.
  2. Harvest piles of damp stuff.
  3. Pick a natural freshener.
  4. Bring down the curtain on mold
  5. Bleach the mold away.
  6. Wash permanent-press clothes before you wear them.
  7. Opt for smell-free products.
  8. Be sure the clothes dryer blows outside.
  9. Leave the light on.
  10. Air out dry-cleaned clothes. ~

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