Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Lightning doesn't strike twice on the same place.

Dr Abe V Rotor  

 Yes, unless of course, if it is a lightning rod intended to protect high rise buildings and towers. Otherwise, lightning occurs but once on the same spot, but not necessarily the same area though.  Lightning has no standard pattern, but we know when it occurs and strikes most, and the subjects and materials that attract it. Follow this guide during thunderstorm.

1.      Don’t seek shelter under isolated trees.
2.      Stop playing golf; the club may serve as lightning rod.
3.      Keep away from transmission lines and electric posts.
4.      Pull off the main switch to protect appliances. 
5.      Don’t walk in the rain or wade in water.
6.      Keep away from large animals, especially the carabao.   
7.      Stay at home. Or stay inside the car if you are traveling.

Take precaution but don’t be alarmed. The chance of being harmed is very slight; if you compare the tiny number of people killed in a year with the fact that round the earth nearly two thousand thunderstorms are going on at every moment.           

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