Monday, December 9, 2013

Superstitious Beliefs - do you believe in them?

Gathered from old folks by Dr. Abe V. Rotor
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 1. When you happen to encounter a funeral entourage, throw some coins in respect of the dead.

2. Don’t stand in front of a gate if you are pregnant.

3. If by mistake it’s the bride that hands over the arras to the bridegroom, expect that she will be the breadwinner.

4. Diamond studded wedding rings do not make a perfect relationship.

5. When blessing a new vehicle, sprinkler fresh blood of chicken in tires and engine to bad omen of accident.

6. Place some coins in the foundation of buildings and other structures during ground breaking ceremony to make them strong and withstand time.

7. Children are sacrificed in making bridges and other infrastructure.

8. Bury placenta with rosary and pencil so that the child will be both intelligent and God-fearing.

9. Shake (pagpagin) the items such as clothes after a customer had left without buying any, to break bad luck.

10. When you give a wallet as gift be sure you put a coin or a money bill in it so that the wallet won’t run out of money.

11. Eat raw eggs to enhance easy delivery of your baby.

12. A pregnant mother should not eat eggplant, else her baby will have dark complexion.

13. One who cries every time she cuts onions means she does not love her father- and mother-in-law (biyanan).

14. Taking a bath immediately after ironing clothes will make you sick of leprosy.

15. If a pregnant woman eats eggs, her child will be born blind.

16. Full moon causes abnormal behavior. People who are affected by this belief are called lunatics.

17. Beware of Friday the 13th, you might meet an accident.

18. No two siblings should marry within the same year, otherwise their marriages will not be successful.

19. When someone gives you a footwear as a gift, be sure to pay him any amount in order to break the omen that you will be “kicked” or pushed around.

20. When the pregnant wife skips or walks over (laktawan) her husband, the husband will bear the burden of paglilihi (maternal impression).

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