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Ramon Magsaysay - "Pangulo ng Masang Filipino"

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What extraordinary trait has Ramon Magsaysay that made him president of the masses or masa and influenced the world leaders? 

Here is one account I found in a compilation of Anecdotes of the Great.

Ramon Magsaysay, the Philippine President, was inspecting a new irrigation project on the island of Mindanao.  The president was worried about the project since the supply of pumps from abroad was delayed. But on arriving at the spot, he noted that the project had been ahead of schedule.  He was told that some old US diesel trucks had been bought, torn apart and adapted to work on place of the pumps that had not yet arrived.  

The president sent for the public works engineer.  "Are you responsible for this?" he asked, pointing to the improvised pumps.

"Yes, sir," the engineer replied, not without misgivings.  For it was he who bought the old trucks and gone ahead on his own.

"Raise your right hand," ordered the President.

Wondering what next, the engineer raised his hand.

"Repeat after me this oath of office." said the President, beaming. And the astonished engineer found himself being sworn in as undersecretary of Public Works.

Since his untimely death in 1957, Ramon Magsaysay is being honored by the Ramon Magsaysay Foundation Awards given annually to exceptional leaders here and in other countries in the different areas of development and human endeavor -  from the attainment of peace for which he was instrumental in pacifying a brewing revolution, to today's concern for the conservation of the environment, he himself a lover of the beautiful countryside. The Ramon Magsaysay Awards is dubbed the Nobel Prize Awards on this side of the globe. 

Ramon Magsaysay Awardees -  Sister Eva Fidela Maamo, SPC, and Fr James Reuter, SJ -  receive visitors during a Feeding Program for children in marginal communities. Our Lady of Peace Foundation established by the two laureates continue to serve the needs of the poor.  It includes a hospital and an outreach program. The author had the special privilege of working with them in conducting workshops for children, and
visitating displaced minorities in resettlement areas after the Mt Pinatubo eruption. Fr Reuter wrote the inspiring Message of the author's book, "Light in the woods" in 1995.      

Acknowledgement: Anecdotes of the Great that help build a better life, compiled by J Marius published by the Daughters of St Paul, Manila; Wikipedia; OLP Foundation. 

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