Saturday, December 21, 2013

Go for Fresh Fruits at the Counter

 Dr Abe V Rotor 
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 Sugarcane juice direct from the cane.  
It's like living on the farm, short of chewing the cane rather than crushing it with machine. Stands like this are found in malls. Prefer the freshly squeezed.  It takes around three minutes while whetting your appetite.  Just don't take the juice with empty stomach.  It may cause discomfort as it quickly ferments in the stomach.  Otherwise it is a health drink.   
Fresh fruit on stick
You don't have to buy the whole papaya or watermelon.  Just by the stick.  Malls have sections like this where fresh fruits are sold in ready-to-eat slices or tidbits. And pronto you can have your fill. As a rule pick one kind of fruit at a time. Combining fruits especially in large servings may upset the stomach.  There is moderation in everything. Because of the high perishability of  dressed fruits, it is not advisable to keep them out of the chiller for a long time.  

Other popular dressed fruits 
  • Buko (young coconut), served in halves. 
  • Pineapple, radial or longitudinal slices
  • Mango, in halves, ripe or green
  • Muskmelon and honeydew, sliced in quarters
  • Dragon fruit, guayabano, apples, grapes, singly or in combination with other fruits.~

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