Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Five Medicinal Plants, a continuing list

Dr Abe V Rotor
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 1.  Limonsito (Triphasia trifolia) in photo, a relative of citrus (Family Rutaceae), has several uses.
1.      for the treatment of skin diseases
2.      it relieves stomachache, applied externally (tapal)
3.      leaf extract essence in soap
4.      fruit made into candy  
2. Sampa-sampalokan (Phyllantus niruri), a tamarind-like bush, is an effective cure of kidney trouble and in keeping HIV virus dormant. (Salamat Dok, March 19, 2006) 

3. Oregano (Coleus amboinicus) is effective for sore throat and as expectorant. Simply crush the leaves, fresh or blanched, mix with fruit juice or sugar and warm water.  

4. Angel’s trumpet (Datura sp) is reportedly being used by some people as a poor substitute of marijuana.  The while petals are dried and smoke like marijuana or mixed with tobacco.

5. Mutha – Cyperus rotundus (barsanga Ilk)– a grass-like annual plants belonging to Family Cyperaceae, whose rhizomes survive the dry months to resume growth the following season. According to Salamat Dok (ABS TV program) the rhizome is dried and made into tea, a cure for stomach disorder, fresh rhizome is crushed and applied on wound.  ~

Acknowledgement: Wikipedia, Internet for photo 

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