Thursday, September 2, 2010

Peace-of-Mind Square (How “balanced” are you today?)

Abe V Rotor

When you wake up in the morning look at yourself on the mirror and imagine the four sides of the mirror as a perfect square. Each side represents the following: Mental or Intellectual, Psychological or Emotional, Physical and Spiritual. Thus


Psychological POM Spiritual


You are not “square” if you are not relaxed. You do not have POM (Peace-of-Mind). Strive to keep that mirror of yourself a perfect square everyday. In this exercise, evaluate these four aspects and draw the lines representing it.

If you find out your square distorted, it is time to reflect. How can you make your life square? This takes five minutes with an appropriate music background like Meditation, from the Thais by Massenet, and On Wings of Song by Felix Mendelssohn. You can use your favorite music as long as it is soothing and relaxing.

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