Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Part 1: Ten Verses to Live by

Author pays homage to Leona Florentino, Ilocana
poetess at her monument in Vigan Ilocos Sur

Abe V Rotor

1. Be it at Acadie or Walden Pond,
Basilan or on Mount Saint Paul,
Or atop the Pyramid of the Sun,
God’s message is same to all.

2. Superstition and folklore may bear
Little truth and a lot of fancy;
Nonetheless we love them with some fear,
As they take us to fantasy.

3. If you wish, you got to believe;
And believe deeply to get your wish;
But first strive hard without remiss.
For this is a great way to live.

4. If grace builds on nature,
Then grace should abound to all;
Yet only those who are pure
Take the gift, and not the fool.

5. Convenience is like wings
Gliding on the wind’s will;
It is also not taking off
Until the wind is still.

6. They say, love is sweeter after pain,
which sometimes abound;
It may not be any sweeter again
the next time around.

7. It is always the big fish
that got away,
is an old story.
Lo! To the innocent prey.

8. If it is not in our stars
where our problem lies,
“Where then?” We may ask.
Pogo says, “The problem is us.”

9. Truthfulness without kindness
Makes a cold, cruel steel;
Kindness without truthfulness,
Like a boat without keel.

10. Walk.
Running is sometimes bad;
You’ll better see and talk
About the countryside
And God.~

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