Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Assignment in Photography: Photo Essay

Dr Abe V Rotor

My Life at UST (For 4CA2 abd 4CA4 students, Faculty of Arts and Letters). Presentation one week before the Final Exam.

. A PowerPoint presentation. With duplicate copy in print.

. In keeping with the 4ooth year (quadricentennial) of the Royal and Pontifical university, the oldest in the Asian region.

. Format and style flexible, but with consultation with the professor.

. Basic story profile and content, in any order.

1. Campus life
2. Anecdotes, personal experiences
3. Achievements and honors, community involvement
4. Holistic development, adolescence to maturity
5. Preparation for professional and family life
6. Outlook: goals and dreams, mission and vision
7. UST and the World (and me)

Original photos; downloading discouraged. Personal photo collection may be included - edited, if needed. Text and photos balanced and complementary.

Please see previous assign in this Blog.

Good luck! ~

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