Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Glass and acrylic paintings by Abe V Rotor

Turkey Fish

Grouper Fish
Marine Crustaceans

Sea Horse

Sargasso Fish

I live by the pen and brush,
and by imagination;
I live where no man had lived
before Creation.

My world sinks into a deep
My world recreates a unique realm
at the rim.

Where corals and weeds grow
into a dome,
Where myriads of creatures have
found a home.

Here there's also conflict
between niches;
Here there's also want amid
the riches.

Here creatures live by artful deceit
and lies,
Here friends and foes co-exist
with their allies.

What makes this world differ
from the other?
What makes it orderly
in disorder?

Do we find beauty in evil
and its kind?
Do we find too, sin and shame
in a bind?

Do we find beauty
in diversity?
Do we find beauty too,
in monotony?

The artist's eye sees more,
but more from the mind;
The artist's eye sees deeper
than the rind.

I would not wish to live here,
not in this realm.
I would just paint it, paint it
like a dream.~

Living with Nature
3, AVR

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