Sunday, April 17, 2016

Re-inventing the Wheel with the Children

Children's Summer Workshop 2013 Lagro QC, conducted by the UST Faculty of Arts and Letters' faculty development program led by Dr Abe V Rotor   
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Children in the neighborhood taking time out to learn the practical uses of the wheel in modern times. Lagro QC 

From a rolling stone moving downhill, the wheel was born in man's creative mind to become his first true invention that revolutionized his life and his society. 

From the rolling stone evolved the idea of the cart, caleza, chariot - all made possible by another discovery - animals as beasts of burden to ease man’s work.

With wheels for transport, roads were built, bridges laid across rivers, new settlements founded, and people moved faster and farther into new territories.   

The wheel formerly made of solid stone, then of wooden spokes, soon took various makes and forms to serve man's unending needs, this time as machine.

Machine to grind grains, to crush sugarcane, to bring up water from wells and rivers, to power trains and cars - transforming man's life into a modern world. 

A modern world with the wheel re-invented into wind mill and waterwheel to generate electricity, engine that move man across and between continents.

The re-invented wheel gave man electronic gadgets from TV, computer, to space satellite, hand-held tablet, shrinking the whole wide world into a global village.

But the wheel was also re-invented for war, from guns to missiles that carry weapons of mass destruction threatening to destroy civilization and man himself.

Beauty and goodness the wheel took shape, from stone to postmodern age, affirming man's ideal and nobility, yet paradoxically transforming into a monster.

The wheel re-invented in the hands of children lies a new hope for peace and understanding, ideas that bring back a glorious past, in colorful toys and pure joy. ~     

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