Saturday, April 16, 2016

Homeward Bound

Dr Abe V Rotor
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There's one road you travel on down the bend:
going home every day in your life 'til its end. 

when the sun is low, and when it's going down,
you have to leave, and home you're bound.

when the fowls roost in their favorite tree,
you too, shall cease in your work and spree.

when the leaves of the acacia tree start to fold,
start walking home, a wise advice of the old.

when the fields are empty, save the haystacks,
and some old gleaners bent on their backs.

when the prop roots of the balete appear ghostly,
even if you are afraid, don't show, walk bravely.

when on your way someone greets you cheerfully,
or otherwise, show concern in kindness or glee.

when the road is rough and the sky gloomy,
the more you strive to be home early.

when in comfort you would let your chance to slip,
remember Frost, "and miles to go before I sleep."

when abroad making a living or on mission,
you look forward to be home during off-season.

when sick and lonely, far, far away from home,
you crave for no other place than Home, Sweet Home.

when bestowed with honor for glory and valor,
you share it home to add your country's color.

when it is payday, go straight home, don't delay;
a takeout for the family will make the day.

when approaching home the whole household
greets you - what a happy family to behold!

when the bell tolls the Angelus, it's time to pray,
and every one pauses for a while in his way.

when the day is over, when life comes to an end,
finished or not your task, it's time to say, Amen.

A bullock and sled takes these very young trio to their home on the farm.

These children are in a make-believe adventure: the tricycle taking them into a journey and back home.

The tricycle is a one for the Book of Guinness record.

Sundo, means a lolo fetches his apo to and from school

Busy hour both ways: to work or school, and back before sunset. Virac, Catanduanes

Sugar plantation workers on way home. Calatagan, Batangas

                             Author poses for a friend before flying back to Manila
                    Too many for comfort and safety. Home can wait. Get out of harm's way.

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