Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Children at Play Mural

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Composite wall mural at the Philippine Children Hospital, Quezon City. Photos enhanced with Adobe Photoshop.
There are at least three games played by these children: hoola hoop, yoyo and "mix" sipa (foreground).

A duel of two spiders is a favorite game of children, and also adults.

It takes skill and practice to walk of a pair of stilt. Tail of a kite can be seen at the at the background.
This boy wears a slingshot (tirador), a popular plaything for targeting and hunting birds and fish. The carabao is for work and also for game. Travel on its back and you can even take a nap on it while it is docile.

Palo sebo is climbing a greased bamboo pole and getting the prize awaiting at on top.

Skipping rope, wooden scooter and many other games, are both for boys and girls. They provide balanced upbringing of children under a normal social environment.

Courtesy of Philippine Children's Hospital QC
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