Thursday, April 14, 2016

Campaign Trail Break with Nature

Dr Abe V Rotor 
Ecology Wall Mural by the Author

Let Nature soothe your aching feet, tired nerves, and declining zest;
talk to the birds, cool off on the running stream, cling of some vine,
beyond the hills, beyond cares and worries, where life is at its best,
where mortals dare to tread sans wealth or power, where life is divine.      

A thousand words not enough to tell the story
of creation, while we are here in our brief stay;
in reality and fantasy, we are intertwined in every 
living thing, meeting a common fate someday.   

Why we pursue power and wealth, 
mistake them for happiness;
peep into the hollow of a tree, 
in a crevice down the sea;
on the crest of waves,
in a nest atop a tree
or up in the blue sky
where birds fly free - 
and we? ~

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