Thursday, April 28, 2016

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde - Who is not?

 Dr Abe V Rotor 
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Dr Jekyll and My Hyde is a novel written by Robert Louis Stevenson
in 1885 
while convalescing from an illness. The original idea occurred
to him in a nightmare. Stevenson wrote other novels like Kidnapped

and Treasure Island a favorite stories for children.

Dr. Jekyll became the monster Mr. Hyde,
Away from friends and his calling;
When he returned he could no longer hide
The brute in his human being.

We examine ourselves since man was born,
And weaned by the Tree of Knowledge;
Outcast we became - in a world of our own -
Jekyll and Hyde hanging at the edge.

Which one is mask we're wearing, we may ask,
In the morning, at the end of the day?
Which is not mask in others whom we trust?
Friend Janus let us pass, we pray.~

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