Saturday, February 20, 2016

Simple food for better health, happier and longer life

Dr Abe V Rotor
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Healthy snack: kamote with panocha, black coffee with muscovado. 

Let's go back to the simple food of our ancestors.  
They lived happier, healthier and longer.
There are no artificial ingredients in their food, 
  •        like aspartame (sugarless sugar), 
  •       decaf (coffeeless coffee),
  •       olestra (fatless fat), 
  •       MSG or vetsin, 
  •       preservatives (salitre)
  •       pesticides (dioxin)
  •       bleachers (sulfite), etc. 
They ate natural food like kamote or sweet potato, 
muscovado and panocha (pulitipot Ilk) sugar; 
drank brewed coffee, natural wine (undistilled). 
mineral water from natural source (unbottled). 
They ate fruits and vegetables, and less of meat.

Our ancestors ate food 
  •       high in energy, 
  •      rich in protein,
  •      less in fat (milk, butter or cheese),
  •      high in vitamins and minerals, 
  •      high in digestible fiber, and 
  •      rich in natural antibiotics -  
all these are locally available,
economically and socially beneficial, 
and kind to the environment. ~   

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