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Grow onion leek at home

Onion is the most important vegetable in the world.

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Native onion grown in pot provides ready fresh onion leek for a number of recipes like fried eggs, soup, omelet, kilawin, porridge (lugaw), arroz caldo.

This is one way to encourage kids to have a daily supplement of vegetables. Vary the use of leek in their diet. 

Onion leek is rich in vitamin K, A, C and B6manganese, folate, iron, fiber, magnesium, molybdenum, copper, calcium, and potassium.  It also contains thiamine, riboflavin, and niacin, and antibiotic substances like Allicin  and Alliin - from Allium, the genus of onion (A. cepa), garlic (A. sativum), kutchay (A tuberosum), and the original leek (A. ampeloprasum).  Leeks generally have also high calorie value, and fair amounts of protein and fat. It is no wonder onion is the most important vegetable in the world.

 Spouting bulb of shallot or bulb variety (Red Creole, right) 

Gather only what you need for the moment using scissor. Don't cut the entire stem - only mature leaves. 

Grow leek where there is sufficient sunlight, preferably on elevated place.  It's easy to grow leek from shallot (Sibuyas Tagalog) and from bulb onions (e.g. Red Creole). Staggered planting assures continuous supply of leek for the family - and for neighbors too. A pot of onion leek  makes a unique gift to friends who love to cook, those in their senior years, and convalescing - with or without special occasion    Don't forget to add a little ribbon and a personal message.  ~

Onions are native to Asia and the Middle East and have been cultivated for over five thousand years. Onions were highly regarded by the Egyptians
and have been revered throughout time not only for their culinary use, but also for their therapeutic properties. They were popular with the ancient Greeks and Romans. Christopher Columbus brought onions to the West Indies; their cultivation spread from there throughout the Western Hemisphere. Today China, India, the United States, Russian, and Spain are among the leading producers of onions.
 – World’s Healthiest Foods

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