Monday, February 1, 2016

Enjoy Gardening - 12 Pointers

Dr Abe V Rotor
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 Misty Morning in a Garden in acrylic, on-the-spot painting by the author, UST Botanical Garden

1. Water regularly but never during hot hours of the day. It is best to water them early in the morning. Avoid excessive watering.

2. Don't train hose directly on plants, not to their base either.  Sprinkle like gentle rain. Use tabo or dipper for potted plants. Over watering washes soil nutrients.

3. Group plants like they form a natural community, keeping them at proper distances according to type of growth for equitable sunlight exposure and space. 

4. Hanging or elevated potted plants may pose danger.  Be sure to secure them properly. 

5. Replace soil of potted plants regularly to maintain proper soil nutrients. Replant as necessary. Use compost to prevent "caking."

6.  Group plants that require same water regime for uniform growth and development, and to save on water.

7. Group potted plants specially in summer for convenience in watering, and to protect them from too much exposure to heat and dehydration.

8. Unless necessary don't use pots, plant directly as much as possible.  It is hard to maintain potted plants.

9. Trim shrubs and trees regularly for safety and good appearance. Pruning may induce flowering and fruiting. It helps control pests.

10. Keep pest away by keeping surroundings clean.  Insect repelling plants like oregano, pandan mabango, garlic and onion sprouts ward off pests. 
11. Learn basic horticulture.  Read, research, experiment, practice. Tap your Green Thumb talent.  

12. Make your garden a natural sanctuary for birds, butterflies, fireflies, even frogs.  Make it a living laboratory and a place for respite and reflection. ~

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