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Socio-Cultural Issues (True or False, 25 items)

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"Ending Marriages Can Be 'Morally Necessary'" - Pope Francis 
____1. We are now experiencing a very advanced world predicted by Charles Darwin, in his theory of evolution. T
____2. Alvin Toffler’s book, Future Shock, written in the early seventies is a fiction, like Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code. F
____3. Propaganda is actually guided media, that is, it is designed for evil or for good, in various forms of disguise and smokescreen. T
____4. Filipinos excel abroad because of their being part Filipino and part foreigner in blood. F
___ 5. We can destroy a rainforest; at any rate, we can always replace it through reforestation if we really want to, especially through strong political will. F

____6. The setting of Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained by John Milton could well be the Tropical Rainforest because it is the richest ecosystem in the world.T
____7. Ideally industrialization should be based on strong and stable agriculture – a model for developing countries. T
___ 8. Women’s liberation started in socialist countries, because of the principle of equality. F (Movement grew with equally opportunities in the modern world.) 
___ 9. Neocolonialization is a form of intervention by the “big brother over the affairs of his smaller brother” (Orwellian syndrome, George Orwell’s book, “1984” written in 1948). T
___10. By lifting trade barriers and implementing free trade among countries under the World Trade Organization, small countries are the most benefited. F (on the contrary.)

___11. Cults are strictly religious. People first renounce their faith before joining cults. F (not necessarily)
___12. Media must advocate for divorce, because this is the real solution to our country’s worsening problems about the Filipino family. Take the Western countries as model for divorce. F (But lately Pope Francis pronounced that "Ending Marriages Can Be 'Morally Necessary'.") 
___13. We have been eating products of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) without our knowledge - much less, consent. T (Examples Bt corn, GM soybean)
___14. Genetic engineering enables scientists to combine different genes from bacteria to plants, jellyfish to mice, virus to animals, (and easily between and among family, orders and phyla) without respecting the natural barriers of natural reproduction. T
___15. Social stratification is transitional or temporary. People have the power to rise above their present status. F (Ideally true)

___16. Nanorobotics is the use of ultra-minute robots (virus, bacteria, prion) to repair genes and gene structures in the coming new age of medicine known as Gene Therapy. T
___17. The average age of consumers of cigarette and alcohol is getting younger and younger. Now we have introduce to the young coffee, cola, tea – all containing mind bending substances. T
___18. The new field of medicine is gene therapy. It means that doctors will be able to detect a genetic defect before it is expressed as a disease showing signs and symptoms. T (but it will take a long time)
___19. With the computer today we can now publish books, produce movies, prepare advertisement, print photographs, compose music at home or in a small shop. T
___20. There nothing wrong with pornography, because it is an expression of art and therefore, must be accepted as part of our culture and the humanities. F

___21. Natural medicine is exclusively the use of herbals.F (Include avoidance of health risk food, lifestyle)
___22. The idea of natural is beautiful is to let the body express itself with the wonderful gifts of God to man, which include fineness in culture, intelligence, human relationships. T
___23. Globalization is one giant pool that homogenizes peoples of all nations – their culture, science and technology, beliefs, values, and destiny. It is the antithesis if diversity. T
___ 24. The idea of Globalization to economists is progressive, while to ecologists, it is suicide – leading to the endangerment of the Homo sapiens, our own species. T  (Genetic diversity narrows down, such as integration of indigenous genes into a common gene pool.)  
___ 25. Stem cells from embryonic source poses moral issues. Even the US, then President Bush openly opposed to it. T
Stem cells are produced continuously by the body declining with age, a natural process of replacing worn out tissues (Internet photo)

Score Rating
24-25 Outstanding; 20-23 Very Good;
15-19 Good; 10-14 Average; Below 10, Fail

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