Thursday, June 25, 2015

Research is... (Thesis and Dissertation)

Dr Abe V Rotor

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  1. based on facts
  2. starts from a complex problem
  3. free from personal bias or opinion
  4. uses objective measurements
  5. systematic
  6. controlled, not cursory 
  7. uses evidences to confirm or refute the hypothesis
  8. empirical data to base conclusion
  9. requires expertise 
  10. based on empirical evidence and observable experience
Research Process
  1. identify problem
  2. formulate hypothesis
  3. collect data
  4. analyze, classify, tabulate data
  5. synthesize data
  6. substantiate or refute hypothesis
  7. draw conclusion 
  8. recommend action, further research Upper photo: Graduate students pursuing Masteral and Doctoral degrees in biological science with the author as their professor; lower photo: University professors conducting Field Research in Guimaras Island with author as resource person.
Methods of Research
  1. historical
  2. descriptive 
  3. developmental
  4. case and field method
  5. correlational 
  6. causal-comparative or "Ex post facto"
  7. experimental 
  8. survey
  9. action 
  10. evaluation research
 Parts of a thesis proposal
  1. title
  2. introduction 
  3. theoretical framework         
  4. review of related literature
  5. theoretical and conceptual framework
  6. hypothesis 
  7. research design
  8. methodology
  9. instruments
  10. data-gathering, analysis  
  11. statistical treatment
  12. data presentation 
  13. references 
  14. annexes: project timetable, budget, etc ~     

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