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Research Topics (Thesis, Special Problem, Dissertion)

Dr Abe V Rotor

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Food, Food Everywhere:  Culinary art to Bacchus feast 
 In vitro fertilization (test tube baby)

1. Displaced People and Communities
2. Post-Modernism in Philippine Context
3. "To conserve Nature, leave Nature alone."
4. Green Wash: Ecology's Mask 
5. Globalization and Sunset of Nationalism

6. Sex tourism - how widespread is it?
7. Depression and suicide claim more affluent victims. Is this true? 
8. The Disappearing Rainforest and Lost Knowledge
9. Talipapa - People's Mall 
10. Changing Image of the Filipina 

11. “Rent-a-uterus” (Surrogate Mothers)
12. NSTP - has it achieved its purpose?
13. Opposition to Technology  
14. Reviving the Indigenous games and Sports in the Philippines
15. Pornography on the Internet

Tourists' Spots: Rosario LU; Old Vigan, IS

16.  Divisoria Bagsakan Capital 
17. Body Beautiful trends
18. Scavengers - their Hopes and Dreams
19. The Fine Art of Propaganda
20. Homogenization and Loss of Cultural Diversity

21. Social Change and the Natural Environment
22. Age of Robotics
23. Wireless Technology: Impact on school children   
24. Endangered Ecosystems
25. Social and Pandemic Human Diseases

26. High rise buildings around UST - There ought to be a law.
27. Neocolonialism in the corporate world
28. Sari-sari store, no corner has without.
29. Tricycle world - a Sub-culture
30.  Phaseout the Jeepney - Rolling Coffin 

31. Working students: Joys and Travails
32. Plastics are banned - will it succeed?
33. Wanted Kidney 
34. Made in China
35. Unsolved killing of media men in the Philippines.

36. The problem of the new general curriculum
37. Gene Therapy: Frontier of Today’s Medicine
38. Vatican and Conservatism
39. Born to Buy (Bilmoko
40. Natural food is in 

41. China: Socialism to Capitalism
42. Relocating Marginal Communities 
43. The Expanding Field of Bioethics
44. Unsung heroes 
45. Philippines dubbed Rip Van Winkle of Asia?

46. Philippines tops crime rate, graft and corruption, in Asia, 
47. Autotoxicity: We are poisoning ourselves
48. Natural Farming: A Return to Tradition
49. Obesity now an epidemic
50. Mind Benders (Brain Drugs)

51. One-dish Meal vs Fast Food
52. Aftermath of the Cold War
53. Unsolved Murders of Philippine Journalists
 Fish kill in lakes and estuaries
 Traditional game - sungka

54. Life under the bridge 
55. Herbal medicine – a Thing of the Past

56. Longevity Trends - Effects on Society
57. Single parenthood: Planned or Circumstance
58. Effects of TV and Computers on child development
59. The Sunset of Fine Arts
60. Sustainable Environment - what is it really? 

61. Fish Kill in Laguna Bay and Taal Lake
62. Frankenfood
63. Threatened and Endangered Species
64. Pollution-Related Diseases
65. Effect of the Ozone Hole

66. Whatever happened to Piso sa Pasig
67. Can genetic engineering save man from hunger?
68. Can man conquer aging?
69. Will man become immortal?
70. Are we in our sunset as a species?

71. Computer Addiction
72. Giant billboards - freedom of expression or violation of human rights?  
73. Can man live alone, like in Castaway?
74. How many people can MMla accommodate?
75. Allergy - global epidemic

76. Confession of a drug addict
77. Overcrowded prisons.
78. Child Labor: Chinese and Filipinos compared 
79. Electricity is most expensive in the Philippines
80. Golden Years and Post-retirement

81. Cryonics - Man's Hope of Resurrection
82. Pet therapy
83. Third sex in the entertainment world  
84. Bad advertisements in the Philippines 
85. Rolling Billboards on buses

86. Tiangge and UK2
87. The New UST Campus
88. Longevity and Early Death
89. Effects of Telenobela
90. University without Walls

91. Flower shops at Dangwa, Dimasalang  
92. NLEX Clover, Balintawak: bagsakan of  farm products 
93. Quiapo - where miracles happen, from herbal healing to fortune telling
94. Anticipating the Big One (Earthquake Intensity 7 Plus)
95. Buhay sa Bahay Kubo

96. The Controversial K to 12 Education Program
97. Political Dynastry - A Social Hydra
98. ISIS - Radical Concept of New Nation
99.  Racism is Alive 
100. Deadly MERS-CoV and Ebola

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