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EWM 5: Nature on the Wall Mural

I love to paint nature on the wall for 15 reasons 
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  Nature Wall Mural (7ft x 39 ft) by the author at Lagro QC, 2015
I love to paint nature, re-create a piece of it into a scene that speaks of a Paradise from the day of Creation until modern man modified it according to his own version.

I love to paint nature as I imagine how beautiful Pasig River was in the time of Balagtas, Rizal and Abelardo as they immortalized it in their masterpieces.

I love to paint nature, recollect the adventures and joys of childhood fishing and swimming on a pristine stream that joins the river meandering on its way down to the sea.

I love to paint nature, capture the colors and songs of birds and other creatures, the graceful flight of birds in the air, and dance of geese and ducks swimming among the waterlilies.

I love to paint nature, feel the chill of breeze no aircon can truly provide, breathe the air far away from smog, rest the eyes from the screen, the ears from noise.

I love to paint nature of its seasons as they come and go, bringing new life, nurturing it in bounty and beauty, and renewing it in the next generation, ad infinitum.

I love to paint nature to express my reverence to the Creator and thanksgiving for His wondrous gifts, share them altruistically to my fellowmen and humanity as a whole.

I love to paint nature in celebration of life to which I am a part, its sacredness beyond rituals but the essence itself that sows unity and dynamic balance of the living world.

I love to paint nature, a rare chance while "passing this way but once," to leave a legacy, however small it may be, to make this world a better place to live in.

I love to paint nature to offer an alternative way of life for the new and young generations being drawn into postmodernism and futurism - a life of "living tomorrow today" and in fantasy land.

I love to paint nature to seek humility from intellectual pride that pits man versus God, to the point of man playing god himself, undermining the existence of an omnipotent being.

I love to paint nature to warn the extreme danger of genetic engineering of plants, animals and microbes, that usurps the integrity of the ecosystems, and ultimately the web of life.

I love to paint nature to warn of the grave consequences of war using weapons of mass destruction - nuclear, biological, and the like - that can bring our world to an end.

I love to paint nature, not only the nature around us but human nature, ideally the seat of love and peace and wisdom that befit man as the guardian of all creation.

I love to paint nature in the golden years of life when everything is realized to be beautiful and meaningful - from sunrise to sunset, and untimately at Angelus - when man bids farewell and thanks God for the must wonderful gift of life - with Nature. ~

Panoramic View of mural (7 ft x 30 ft)

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