Monday, June 2, 2014

Spit on the spot you have answered the call of nature.

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Old folks’ advice: Don’t forget to spit on the spot after you have answered the call of nature. 

Here’s a story of a travelling old woman that stopped the bus in order to answer the call of nature. It was night time and the driver dutifully put on the brakes on a convenient roadside. It did not take long for the woman to do her thing.  After returning and the bus had started off, the old woman suddenly stopped the bus again, and quickly ran back to the spot - because she forgot something. “May nakalimutan si lola,” quipped the driver.  The old woman just smiled back exuding a feeling of both relief and confidence. 

What is the belief of old people regarding this practice?  If you believe in the  kib-baan, the spirit of trees and thickets, the fearful kapre;  the dwendes (dwarfs) that guard the anthills (punso), their home; and the spirits of the dead still roaming around, then you would not dare question the old folks. Spitting discourages the unseen that sometimes play pranks or may just chance upon some mortals. Spitting sends a message not to touch the "thing."  

Would you do what the old woman did if you were in her shoes, I mean slippers. Which, by the way, she inadvertently removed before boarding the bus, a habit of leaving your footwear outside before entering the house.  ~ balangay or barangay 

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