Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Building Bridges

Dr Abe V Rotor
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Lost in thought and direction on an overpass, Sta Mesa, Manila

Language, it comes in many different ways,
only few teachers like you hone it to its best,
bridging tongues across the oceans,
thoughts and faith, labor and rest.

It is all but one bridge you did build,

and never made one your own,
while everyone wants to build bridges
even as the seed is yet to be sown.

The world is and will always be set apart

and this is what matters truly at all,
for what we need in life is just a spark,
the spark that made us all.

You're a teacher, through faith and skill,

of peace, not only of the language spoken,
but the language of the heart -
the language of peace after the word is spoken.~

Dedicated to my co-teachers in media and language at Saint Paul University QC: Prof Nelia Pagoso and company, on the occasion of my retirement from teaching.

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