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Computer Addiction Leads to Vices and Drug Use

Children die young with Computer Addition because it leads to Caffeine-Alcohol-Nicotine-Drugs (CAND). Please don't allow your child to be a CANDidate, please. Your child is the most precious thing on earth. It is through your child that you can change the world.

 Dr Abe V Rotor 
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Did it ever occur in your mind that vices and drug abuse are connected to computer addiction?

People, especially the young – children and adolescents - who sit before the computer for hours every day – even before they start using drugs, are already potential drug users. This is a thesis which I shall try to present and defend in this article.

These are premises of my contention. Computerizing whether for school assignment or just entertainment consumes precious time and energy. Time for hobbies, rest, reflection, exercise, socialization, or for quiet and peace. In short we have disturbed regular time management – the way our predecessor in pre-computer time made use of 24-hour cycle – so with 30-day monthly cycle and longer. In other words the computer has not only reset, but tinkered with, our biological clock.  

What does this mean? We do not follow our regular sleeping habit, because the computer demands no strict time limit or schedule. Imagine also that a favorite program on TV is on the computer, especially DVD programs. Computer addicts may become night owls. Others have developed cat napping which can compensate partly lost sleep. Not following regular sleeping habits may lead to insomnia. Many drugs today are for insomniacs. Abuse of sleeping pills is reminiscent of some prominent victims; among them was Marilyn Monroe who died of overdose.

The ever increasing features of the computer making today’s state-of-the-art in computer shades the 1960 predecessor a hundred folds more proficient. Pretty soon we will be groping and grappling with artificial intelligence like dealing with a university professor, and a genius at that. Already chess games with the computer are like playing with Karpov or Kasparov. War games need the intelligence and skills of Napoleon Bonaparte on land, and Horatius Nelson at sea. The computer does not only trace the campaign of Alexander the Great who attempted to create the largest empire on earth, but continue to trace the campaign even after his death.

Entertaining, isn't? Definitely yes, but at what price? Hour-after-hour uninterrupted concentration. Irregular meal substituted with fast, if not junk, food. Strained eyes (and also ears). Sustained suspense leading to cold hands and feet, and increased pulse rate and heart beat, while the muscles contract – an antithesis of balanced exercise. Soon you need a drug to calm you down, such as Valium and Prozac.  Headache and therefore, you take analgesic. Hallucinations in your sleep lead to insomnia

So what is the preoccupation of the young today? It appears to be a syndrome instead, a syndrome of five components, namely: 
1. Decreased Mental Concentration,.
2. Social Detachment,  
3. Physiologic Imbalance, 
4. Time Waste, 
5. Indeterminate Purpose

Pose for a moment after reading this article and imagine yourself a victim of this modern day syndrome which can turn into a plague. ~

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