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Ilocano Verses: Paslep (Tempered Steel)

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Lola and grandchildren. Strong family ties is a characteristic of Ilocanos even in the absence of parents who are working abroad.

Rondalla plays Ilocano romantic and idyllic musical compositions like Pamulinawen and Manang Biday.

Maestro Anselmo Pelayre of San Vicente, Ilocos Sur ranks with composers Nicanor Abelardo and

Antonio Molina.

The Ilocano language of Northern Philippines is among the richest languages in the world. It is primarily because it is a homegrown language that naturally grew with the unique culture of the Ilocanos. It is pictureque, musical to the ear, full of imagery, and rich in vocabulary - which these verses reflect.

 is originally Ilocano, a process and product at the same time of hardening steel through tempering, which was developed long before the coming of the Spaniards. The term has no counterpart in other dialects in the Philippines, not even Tagalog. These verses also reflect universal beliefs and truth, which is characteristically Ilocano amidst the influences of other cultures and the advancement of civilization towards postmodernism.

1. Aggidyat to
Dagiti agpapada,
Things similar may ultimately differ.

2. Mangriing
Dagiti bin-i.
Ceres ken tudo.
A good crop is nurtured by rain and providence.
(Ceres is the Goddess of Bounty in Greek mythology)

3. Bilin ni Tatang:
Kasu-uran adaywam.
Take it from the old folks, being too homely makes one an old maid.

4. Agtubo manen
Dagiti ruru-ot,
Sagut gurruod.
Weeds are back with the rainy season.

5. Paludip laeng,
Napunuan ti balikas,
Libro ni ayat.
The language of true love may be simple but deep.

6. Ayatennak pay
No irugita manen?
Ay, papaaweng.
Love the second tiime around may lack sincerity.

7. Karu-otan
Paggappuan ti uram,
Ken billit tuleng.
Fire warning on a grassy knoll may fall on deaf ear.
(Take heed of potential danger.)

8. Agmulat’ pagay
Inladawanna’t pader,
Nakasapatos pay.
"You can't grow rice on the blackboard." (Theory and practice are different. Things are easier said than done.)

9. Natartaripato,
Too much care and too much bounty lead to slow death. (Tender trap)

10. Ayat nga nagpayat
Umay, pumanaw,
Agnaed bassit.
Love has wings, it comes but briefly and leaves.11. Agpilpilika
Ti ayat nga kayatmo,
Freud wenno Plato.
Physical (Freudian) or purist (Platonic) love - it's your choice

12. Burburti: Agpal-pallelang,

Bumab-baba ti init,
Maturog mamen.
A riddle: Acacia, its leaves droop as the sun sets.

13. Pitak ken ling-et

Paslep ti Oktubre
"Golden harvest is earned from hard work."

14. Panagipalangip:
Saan mo nga garawen.
Never stir rice to hasten its cooking.

15. Aginanan ni Maestro,

Imminum ti Hemlock.
There is glory in death. (Socrates obligingly faced death clinging to his philosophy that changed the thinking of man. Similarly Rizal's death was victory to Filipinos.)

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