Monday, July 15, 2013

Yes children, you can make a masterpiece

Dr Abe V Rotor
Landscape, artist unknown, circa 1995?

This is a painting of one of my young students in an art workshop which I used to conduct every summer. It was done with acrylic on Oslo paper, 11" x 14". It was not signed. It dawns the child's rare talent - a combination of Paul Cezanne's Cubism, Seurat's Pointillism and Van Gogh's Expressionism. And Gauguin's Tahitian style and colors that lend an Oriental touch to an otherwise western landscape.

A closer look yields an aura of mystery, yet the painting retains its simplicity. Can you feel the breeze? The sun nestled between two mountains sending warmth and freshness of the thaw upon the plain? How effective is the subtle contrast of movement and permanence? And the unconventional combination of primary and secondary colors typical of a child's inexperience we call innocence? This is indeed a masterpiece. ~

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