Friday, July 12, 2013

I love to paint Nature - and write verses, too

Dr Abe V Rotor
 Watershed, mural on canvas

" I paint the stream laugh and cry,
and hiss over the rock;
 the clouds on the mountain high, 
down the sea and back. "
Rodents in their burrow, wall mural SPUQC now in disrepair

"What goes on in a rodent's home,
is love and care like our own."
 Coral Reef, wall mural SPUQC 

It's a race of time and essence,
before the coral reef is gone;
for posterity in urgent sense,
for the archive and my son,"  

Edge of a Crater, 

"Who joins me in Jules Verne's novel,
Journey to the Center of the Earth,
 and travel down the burning navel,
far from the comfort of the hearth?"

"Too full to contain a downpour in May,
but burst with fury;
ends a long, hot summer in a day
                             and lives in a story."                             
Wounded fish

"Death - if you must,
let me carry on life
until I turn into dust,
    in earnest strife." 

"Life the raw, the wild,
 the weak, the mild,
death the ugly, the good,
 Lo! to the cruel, the bold,"

Bouquet - how extreme:
how happy, how sad,
how deceitful, how holy,
how tame, how mad!

Bouquet - how fresh,
picked for vase or lei;
how withered when gone
across the bay.

Bouquet - how fragrant
across the hall;
how lavish in summer,
how dearth in fall.

Bouquet - how missed
the bee, the butterfly
in the garden, the rainbow
an arch of sigh.~


 I talk to the waterfall
 hiss, tumble and roar;
I talk to the nearby trees,
dancing with the breeze;

I talk to the clouds,
floating in the blue sky;
I talk to the nesting birds,
romance is in the air;

I talk to a skink darting by,
butterflies fluttering,

 scurrying ants, the busy bees,
seeds and buds waking up
to the morning sun;
I talk to myself
in the silence of song. ~
Mountain cave, detail of mural

Perched on a mountain high,
observatory of land and sea, 
yellow at sunrise, red at sunset,
green its cloak and curtain. 

Window to the world unknown
eons of time living in peace,
arched by the rainbow
'til man searched its ends.~

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