Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Quaintness of Everyday Living

Dr Abe V Rotor 
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Bamboo craft Peddler
A world of his own on wheels,
the art that never dies,
of his forebears and ours, too,
where our culture lies. 
Tree House
I love to go up to this cozy lair -
porch, lighthouse, tower - 
coming close to my beginning
when the world was kinder


Ancient art and source of living
by the river that never ceases;
clay the begining of time and life,
the making of masterpieces 

Travel in time past and in the future,
things gone and shall be gone 
and feel you are a part, and all of us,
ever since the world began.
Biggest fruit
Nangka or langka, it's the world's biggest,
yet borne from a fairly small tree;
if there's some mistake, take the pakwan,
borne from a vine crawling free.   
Market Scene
Dawn is a sleeping child dreaming,
while life goes on in reality;
wouldn't the stars come down to earth
and bring joy and sanity.
Hammock Tree
Take my toils away at the close of day,
carry my heavy load from school,
if you're gifted with roots and limbs this way,
buoy my spirit happy and full. 

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